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June 17, 2021 4 min read

If you are an adult who is currently living through the health crisis that has afflicted the world, chances are that you have been dealing with unusual amounts of stress. Whether it is derived from financial hardships or additional responsibilities, everyone needs a few minutes from their busy lives to take a breather. The notion of self-care, while there seems to be so many other prominent issues that require your attention, can seem silly in regards to the larger picture.

When we are faced with challenges, we can forget the most important thing in our lives: ourselves. This is where self-care comes in.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is any activity that is beneficial for the self. Several examples of this include yoga, meditation, engaging in a hobby, and treating yourself. The purpose of self-care is to take some time away from your days to focus on self-growth. Some might say that our self-growth is a measure of our life experiences. Others might define growth based on emotional stability or intelligence. Growth is actually a combination of these factors and can be affected by even the smallest detail in our lives. This is what makes self-care so effective. Regardless, there are many forms of self-care, with each focusing on a different aspect of the overall being. For healthy skin, you may engage in skincare whereas a firm mind may require yoga and meditation.

Do Both Men and Women Need Self-Care?

A common misconception is that only women are in need of activities, such as a wine night or walk in the park. In popular media, self-care is typically portrayed through manicures, face masks, cosmetic products, and more. It is easy to see how this misconception can come about, but the truth is that men require self-care just as equally. While a man walking around with polished nails is a rare sight, all self-care products are available to everyone, no matter the gender.

The Six Types of Self-Care

There are six types of self-care with each consisting of various activities. The six types are: emotional, practical, physical, mental, social, and spiritual. The first type, emotional self-care is often the most forgotten form. Emotional self-care questions your everyday emotions and deepest desires. Through reviewing and processing these emotions, you may come to great realizations about yourself and others. Simple methods of emotional self-care involve engaging in an enjoyable hobby or speaking to another person, such as a therapist.

The second form, practical self-care, are activities that you would perform on a daily basis to make your life easier. Have you ever created a schedule for your daily routine or a budget to manage your expenses? If so, you have already engaged in practical self-care without knowing it.

Physical self-care is extremely similar to practical, with the only difference being that it focuses more on your health. Exercising, dieting, getting a manicure, visiting the spa, and getting 8 hours of sleep are all physical self-care activities. While your health is very important, physical self-care also refers to caring for your appearance. Your skin is affected by various factors, including UV radiation, pollutants, oily substances, and more. After prolonged exposure, your face may develop acne, begin to appear aged, or lose its natural glow. Fortunately, there are easy ways to reverse these effects.

Skin Republic Energising Face Mask Sheet is both dermatologist-tested and recommended for anyone searching to add a glow to their skin. Created from natural ingredients, such as vitamin C and E, this product provides a rejuvenating burst of energy to your skin. It works by eliminating wrinkles and hydrating the skin to produce a healthy sheen. If you are searching for a face mask to add to your skincare routine, consider this product for amazing results!

Using face masks and similar products is also a method of mental self-care. While engaging in these activities, you may find that you feel relaxed and unbothered. You may also notice that your mind is at ease, one of the most important benefits of self-care. In addition to relaxing the mind, you should also search for activities that may stimulate and challenge it. For instance, solving a puzzle or reading a novel allows your mind to grow while you are relaxing.

As humans, we have an innate desire to belong and form relationships with others. A lack of communication, self-preservation, and more can easily strain relationships. Although it is best to love yourself before loving others, keeping in steady contact with other people allows you to strengthen your relationships and nurture your mind. We all need someone, no matter how introverted some of us may be.

The last form of self-care, spiritual self-care focuses on self-awareness. For some, this type may also involve religion, but not always. Examples of spiritual self-care involve meditation, yoga, self-reflecting, and/or visiting your place of worship.

Should I Engage in Self-Care?

No matter how busy of a life you may have, it is always a great idea to dedicate a few moments of your day to yourself. Take some time to read a book or perhaps take a stroll in the park. Not only is self-care perfect for relaxation and de-stressing, but it keeps your mind and body healthy as well.