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July 29, 2021 4 min read

If you are a working member of a family of two or more, chances are that your daily routine consists of similar activities every day. From working to performing chores around the home, this consistency can become quite dull after some time. In 2021, stress levels have been reported to be at their highest point across the globe. While stress can positively affect us, such as providing motivation to complete certain tasks, distress (negative stress) can harm us both mentally and physically.

The average adult copes with stress by increasing his/her coffee intake or resorting to other immediate energy boosts. It is true that these coping mechanisms can provide stress relief, but not in the long run. If you suffer from heavy distress within your daily life, here are a few de-stressing tips that are both healthy coping mechanisms and easily done:

1. Going for a Jog

One of the most popular forms of stress relief, jogging is also a great way to maintain health and body weight. When we are exercising, our bodies release endorphins, hormones that have a function similar to opioids. This provides the "feel good" sensation that is experienced after a workout session or while engaging in any form of cardio. Going for a jog also provides a change of scenery and grants valuable personal time away from the watchful eyes of others. These few fleeting moments are useful for organizing your thoughts or gaining a new perspective on a situation.

2. Write Away in a Journal

Our thoughts can sometimes be too complex or personal to share with others. Spoken words are delicate and always up to the interpretation of the listener. On the other hand, written words in a journal are personal and can only be interpreted with the permission of the author. Writing in a journal is a therapist-recommended stress relief coping strategy because it allows emotional disclosure in a safe and healthy environment. If you find it difficult to vent to others, you may find this strategy to be very beneficial in dealing with any form of stress.

3. Take a Step Back

When staring into the face of great stressors, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to take a step back. Facing hefty stressors head-on can cause more distress and lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Individuals who constantly deal with such levels of stress are at a high risk of panic attacks or anxiety disorders. If you find that daily levels of stress become too much to handle, take some time from your day to take care of yourself. When your body is healthy, positive mental health will soon follow. Self-care can provide an immediate boost to your general health and wellbeing.

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4. Focus on Breathing

When we are suddenly confronted with a stressor, our bodies enter a "fight or flight" mode in which our senses and cognitive function become heightened. Healthy coping strategies can help you in differentiating between minor and major stressors. It is important to make this distinction because minor stressors can be handled easily in comparison with the latter.

If you find yourself facing either type of stressor, one coping strategy is to focus on your breathing. As you inhale and exhale, your mind will become much clearer, and it will be easy to confront any challenges. Focusing on each breath can also assist with managing fear or oncoming panic attacks.

5. Get Creative

The most enjoyable and stress-free moments in life are those where we can let our imaginations run wild. Whether you enjoy singing, painting, sculpting, or any other creative activity, you are most likely your happiest self while doing so. When we truly enjoy certain activities, we tend to place all of our efforts into performing the task at hand. This removes worries from our minds and allows us to concentrate on what truly matters at that moment.

While stress is a part of our daily lives, it only affects us negatively until we allow it to consume us. Setting some time aside for yourself each week can make a noticeable difference in both your mental and physical health.

Outlook on Stress Management

Finding the right stress management technique can take some time, especially if you are faced with hefty amounts of stress every day. A positive attitude and atmosphere can easily counter stress at its worst. Several factors, such as cluttered workspaces, procrastination, and even a lack of social relationships, can cause a negative reaction to stress. After you have identified the root of your stress, you will be amazed at how easy it is to face the day with a smile.